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Discovering Your Karmic Stories

What is Karma Clearing?

Everyone of us is unique and complex. We do not come into this world as a blank slate. We each have extraordinary gifts and talents in us that are called dharmas and we also have fears, restrictions and blockages that are called karmas.

In this work, karmas are traumas from experiences that occurred in a previous life and reoccur as patterns in this life. Dharmas are gifts and talents that you had in a previous life and are evident in this life. These patterns are vibrating in a layer of your aura called the light body. The karmas clutter up the light body.


When these karmic patterns are released and cleared, there is more space for your dharmas to develop. It is like pulling the weeds out of a garden and then the flowers flourish.


Kind Words

Dotty O'Donnell is the Destiny Gamechanger...she is divinely connected to karma and to transforming ourselves.

 - davidji

Kind Words
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