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Deep Dive

What is Karma Clearing?

Every one of us is unique and complex. We are all vibrational beings. We do not come into this world as a blank slate. We each have extraordinary gifts and talents in us called dharmas and we also have fears, restrictions and blockages that are called karmas.


Karma is simply a Sanskrit word that means action. Karmas are energetic vibrations.  In this work, karmas are traumas from experiences that occurred in a previous life and reoccur in this life. A karma is a vibration that a person unknowingly emanates that is causing an undesirable pattern, trauma or wound. 


Dharmas are gifts and talents a person had in a previous life that are evident in this life. The effects of karma often suppress the expression of the dharmas.  This all happens in a layer of our aura called the light body.


The Light Body is a version of ourselves that comes into this world with our souls. The vibration of the light body can be felt in our lives - creating our circumstances and experiences into being. An identification with circumstances from a past life is remembered by the light body. The light body will not vibrate a story; instead it will vibrate an archetypal pattern and our circumstances in this life will create the story around it. By discovering the encoded archetypal patterns, the vibration is identified and healed. The healing creates a stilling of the vibration of the karmas and the end of the influence of that karma in the person’s life. Then the light body shifts, creating more room for the dharmas to vibrate and manifest in our lives and the world.


Karma affects literally everything in your material world and in your internal world. There are many types of karmas.


Anything to do with finances. How we earn money, spend money, save money, gamble money, the scarcity of money, the abundance of money, investing money, managing money, accumulating debt


Everything about how we are loved or not loved, the karmas of marriage, betrayal, infidelity, courtship, fantasy love, broken hearts, having children.



Family interactions and relationships between different people, family, friendships,

in-laws, siblings, parental, boss + worker relationships, disconnection from others, feeling alone



Everything to do with how we are treated by others in different states and conditions. Whether we are respected, disrespected, loved, treated with equanimity, being parented, shunned, controlled, dominated or living in situations where we have to be submissive, not feeling a sense of belonging and connection



Everything that is edible or drinkable including food, drug and alcohol issues, starvation, food poisoning, allergies, eating disorders. Everything that we consume. Even to some degree the air we breathe is food.



Difficulty fulfilling your obligations with ease or with integrity



Infertility, survival, self-care, sustaining your health, acquiring medical attention when needed, depression, physical conditions that cause you to feel bad, self-esteem and emotional well-being



Where you live, whether you get to live where you want or are forced to move all the time, have to have roommates, want a place that feels like home


Connect Online

Via Facetime or Video Chat


Destiny Breakthrough Sessions

Lifting a veil to the unseen, I look through a lens most people are unable to see until I show them.

The sessions are powerful and profound.  Clearing away the karma creates a new trajectory for your destiny.  

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