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Dotty O'Donnell


Dip into my world...  


I’m a natural-born storyteller. For 30 years, I captivated my kindergarten classes with spontaneous tales. For fun, I’d pepper our lessons with explorations of real and imaginary characters and places.


“Why not?” I thought. “If I’m bored, the kids will be bored too.” So, I infused our day-to-day with wonder.


The thing is, they taught me too. Unedited, fearless and dialed in to their vivid visions, they gave me a front row seat to their fears, personalities and character. Many stories clearly included memories of their past lives. Unlike other adults who dismissed their imaginative ramblings, I listened not only to their words, but to the stories that wanted to be revealed.


As time passed, I began to connect the dots. I felt called to view their downloads through a sacred lens. Watching these wise souls, I’d deconstruct their behaviors: what they did, how they moved in space, who they played with and how. I began to see how their energy, beliefs and behaviors were limiting them - even at that early age.


My exploration of the metaphysical began when I was 8 years old. For a special outing, Grandma Mamie would take me to get our tea leaves read at the exotic Tremont Street Tea Room in Boston. I was right at home. These secret adventures opened doors to a new realm in my world, which later led me to study meditation, intuition, energy medicine, and personal development.


One day, I saw a post about this master karma healer who was going to speak in my area. I don’t know why, but something told me to book a session with him. What happened next surprised me. I signed up for his classes and began to learn about Dharmas and Karmas from a previous life that are evident in this life. Dharmas are extraordinary gifts and talents and Karmas are traumas from experiences that cause restrictions and blockages.


I learned that when the karma patterns are released and cleared, there is more space for your dharmas to develop. It’s like pulling weeds out a garden - and then flowers flourish.


Things started to make sense. All those years of observing children’s behavior had been preparing me to uncover patterns and discover root causes of limitations. I began to see how karmic archetypes influenced behaviors and patterns in peoples’ lives, even without them realizing it. I spent the next 7 years intensively studying the Archetypes of the Karmas (such as Rejected Bride, Orphan, Servant, Nun or Debtor Karma) and the extraordinary Dharmas (such as Musician, Writer, Artist, Teacher or Merchant). I was ready. Intuitively connecting with people in my world, I simply said, “I can help you, if you’re open to something quite different.”


The rest, as they say, is history. Many hundreds of smiling clients and 10 years later, I spend my days listening to peoples’ stories, zooming into their karmas and liberating them from their past.


I have the uncanny ability to identify and zero in on a person’s obstructive karma and truly pinpoint it in great detail. Using a process of spiritual technology, I usher my clients into a new vibrational energy, one that is free of restrictive patterns. This opens the way for dramatic and transformational changes in their emotional, physical and spiritual lives.


Who knew when I retired from being a kindergarten teacher after 30 years, I would become a FAIRY GODMOTHER with a karma clearing magic wand?

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