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What People Say

Dotty is certainly one of a kind. I first heard of her success in regards to helping people find jobs and facilitate relationships. During my first session, I immediately noticed how knowledgeable and intuitive she was. Her ability to collect salient information showed as soon as we started speaking. I spoke with Dotty about my difficulty finding a job at a desirable company. She worked the important karma points in my life that ultimately landed me a highly competitive position with a great company. Within three months of  my first session with her, I was living in the heart of  New York city, with a job I love and a $38,000 increase in my annual salary. In addition, she definitely helped me become more confident in my overall outlook as it relates to career, relationships and meaning. I have seen substantial change in my life since my sessions.


Keith (Financial Analyst, New York, NY)  SERVANT KARMA



I originally went to Dotty for help with my career. Within a few months, I had an interesting job with a great pay increase. I continued working with her because I wanted the holy grail…...the job, the place to live in a fantastic location and “THE RELATIONSHIP”.  Soon after moving to my beautiful loft condo, I met the love of my life at the gym in my building! The best money I ever spent was on karma clearing. It works like magic! 


Janice (Medical Sales, Atlanta, GA)  NUN KARMA    


I had a good job but I could never find that guy, the guy who wanted to marry me. I was pretty, athletic and outgoing. I dated men but they always left me right when I thought, “This is it. It’s him. The love of my life.”


Heartbroken time after time after time. I went to Dotty out of desperation to find out what was going on with me. Lo and behold, it worked. While still working with Dotty, I met him! I am now happy to say that we got married and just celebrated our 2nd anniversary.


Allison (School Psychologist, San Diego, CA)  REJECTED BRIDE KARMA



Dotty is a kind, gifted and unique healer who has an amazing ability to improve one’s life circumstances. She zeroed in on my life challenges nearly instantly and equipped me with a deep-rooted healing and empowering perspective that I have never found in other modalities or therapies. I feel blessed to have found Dotty. I am grateful for the ability to finally break through the blocks and years of stagnation.





Dottie is a consummate professional who can see exactly why you might be feeling “stuck” even if you cannot. Dottie helped me heal many wounds from my life and accomplish the things I truly wanted. In working with Dottie, I was able to advance my career, go back to graduate school, find love, get married and buy my first house all within a few years. I attribute these milestones to Dottie and her wisdom. She is always there to guide the way.


Steve (School Administrator, Providence RI)  ORPHAN KARMA


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Destiny Breakthrough Sessions

My new clients come to me with concerns about money, family and human relationships, love and romance, position and status, self-esteem, health, food and shelter. Working with the light body layer of their aura, I begin to understand the vibrational frequencies they had when they were born. I lead them out of confusion into more clarity - supporting desired changes, exploring the landscape of the soul and discovering who they really are.

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