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Destiny Breakthrough

This work is designed to take you to the next level and create the life you want and deserve.


Why Destiny Breakthrough Sessions?

These sessions shift you into greater alignment of your authentic self and reveal with great clarity the blocks that hold you back from being the person you really are without playing roles.


What Is A Destiny Breakthrough Session?

This is a deep-rooted system of techniques that have intellectual depth and insight resulting in uncovering the root cause of karmic lifetime patterns and releases them.


Session 1 - EXPLORATION.  We will have a conversation about an area of your life needing insight and clarification.


Session 2 - CLARITY.  By deconstructing the information from session #1, I will reveal to you the negative karmic patterns and how they affect your life. I will then guide you through my special process that releases these unwanted patterns.

Session 3 - EMPOWERMENT.  We will dig more deeply into more roots of the karmic patterns revealed in sessions #1 and #2. I will then guide you through my special  process releasing more patterns.


Session 4 - MOMENTUM.  A final uprooting of the negatively perpetuating  karmic patterns will lead to exploring your gifts with which you have come into the world. Releasing of all these negative impressions allows space for your gifts to rise to the surface, creating more fulfillment in your life.

Intro Session Experience

  • Ideal primer to disrupt the most prominent karmic patterns that create blockages in your life.  You will find this work makes very logical sense about how your life has unfolded to this point.

  • Includes Sessions #1 and #2

  • Two (2) 45-minute sessions: $250




Destiny Breakthrough Package

  • In-depth exploration of physical form, emotional level, shape of existence and the stories of areas in your life culminating in a transformative shift  

  • Immerse in the healing benefits of multiple sessions to go deep into the intertwining of karmic patterns and create expansive breakthroughs 

  • Includes Sessions #1, #2, #3 and #4

  • These are individual sessions, yet momentum builds to shed deeper layers 

  • Four (4) 45-minute sessions: $475

A la carte sessions are available for past clients - $150 per session




The Karma Guidance Counselor Package

Turning all the circuits on in multiple areas, we will unplug things that haven’t worked in your life, releasing karma and creating a tremendous amount of free space. These shifts result in new opportunities and circumstances - catapulting you on your path to love, joy, purpose, passion, freedom and synchronicity.

Deep Spiritual Medicine:

  • A new way to walk through the world!

  • Begin to vibrate on a whole new level

  • Accelerate the process of transformation

  • Ten (10) 45-minute sessions: $1,200

Connect Online

Via Facetime or Video Chat

Client Results

Dottie knew that I could benefit from her healing services before I did - and I'm so grateful I said 'yes' to her offer to help me. She is the consummate professional and can see exactly why you might be feeling "stuck," even if you cannot. Dottie helped me heal many wounds from my life and reach the things I truly wanted. In working with Dottie, I was able to advance my career, go back to graduate school, find love, get married, and buy my first home all within a few years. I attribute these milestones to Dottie and her wisdom. She is always there to guide the way. - Steve

Thank you for helping me find true love. My wedding was amazing! - Leah

I’m feeling so grateful and lucky, your healing work continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Thank you for sharing your magic. - Kristin

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